Redwood Recovery Framework


Individuals living sober & free, creating thriving families & communities.


Empower individuals struggling with alcoholism & addiction to achieve long term sobriety through quality programs & services.


  • Sobriety: True sobriety is found through gratitude, faith, hope, & love for self & others.
  • Spirituality: Respecting agency, practicing meditation, seeking personal revelation, & nurturing faith bring us closer to our Higher Power.
  • Education: Tailored programs & classes create higher meaning, service, problem solving, & prosperity.
  • Service: Giving back invokes a healing power always present in successful long-term recovery.
  • Relationships: Healthy relationships require work & provide meaning to life.
  • Support: Critical support networks include counselors, mentors, sponsors, & a solid recovery community.


To help individuals with alcoholism & addiction heal by providing exceptional intensive & general outpatient programming (including education & counseling) that create a foundation of hope, strength, & spirituality.


  • Provide exceptional outpatient programming services.
  • Create dynamic, viable client treatment plans.
  • Successful relapse prevention (at least one year).
  • Instill principles of sobriety, spirituality, self-worth, service, & healthy relationships.